Compliance is a word you will hear and see often. It is important because mistakes and delays can be very expensive.

When you appoint Beam as your accountant you have a right to expect that your affairs will be dealt with in a timely fashion and that all your accounts and returns will be filed on time.

We guarantee to meet all your filing obligations provided we have the information in time and if we don’t we will pay any fines or penalties – no quibble.

However we believe that compliance is more than just ensuring documents are filed on time. We will look at your business when we prepare your accounts and identify any areas of concern.

These could be things as simple as nearing the VAT registration threshold or ensuring payroll returns are being completed correctly. However it could be more complex areas, such as whether you are classifying self-employed individuals correctly or if you are charging VAT correctly on the export of goods and services to a non-UK customer.

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