Tax Advice

This is why we exist and it is considered the most important aspect of our work with clients.

We believe that everyone should pay the taxes that are due under current tax legislation and as a firm we do not actively encourage or market aggressive tax avoidance schemes which are contrived and have the sole purpose of avoiding tax.

HMRC have extensive powers when it comes to these schemes and invariably most of them fail and ultimately leave the taxpayer with a very large tax bill long after the promoter of the scheme has gone.

However we do believe that taxpayers are entitled to arrange their affairs so that any tax payable as a result is minimised and that as taxpayers they are not under any moral obligation to pay more than is laid down in tax legislation.

It follows therefore that they should take advantage of the various allowances and opportunities to ensure they only pay the tax that is due.

Beam has invested heavily in tax education and software to ensure that you can expect the best advice available.

We believe that the world of taxation is so complex now that it is impossible to look at any one tax or individual in isolation. We therefore review the affairs and finances of the individual, business, company and family members to ensure all available options are considered and evaluated.

Such a review is undertaken at least once a year and is included in the service we provide. Any options identified will be explained in detail with estimates of the tax savings available. We will also highlight any possible drawbacks such as the implication of stamp duty on transfer of assets or the possible legal implications of asset transfers, and also look at the interaction of our advice with other benefits such as Family Working Tax Credit or Student Finance.

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