Virtual FD

What happens when your business has reached the stage when you need more that an annual visit to your accountant?

As businesses grow they will reach the point when they need regular focused financial advice and assistance but will not have the money to recruit a full-time or even part-time financial professional.

This is where the Virtual FD comes in. We have a number of experienced finance professionals capable of fulfilling the role of Chief Accountant or Finance Director in any size of business and operating in any sector of the economy.

They will work with you (and your existing accountants if you wish) to ensure that the business is financially sound and has the necessary controls in place to ensure that your money is safeguarded.

As importantly, they will work with you on planning to make sure the company is adequately financed to be able to grow without restrictions and that there is a strategy in place to enable the founders of the business to realise some or all of their equity by devising and implementing growth plans and an exit strategy.

We always remember that your business is an asset.

We will work with you to maximise its value and enable you to realise this value at a time that is appropriate to your circumstances.

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